Tips on Getting to Know Your New Professor
College is filled with new relationships, from friends to romantic interests to teachers. Getting to know your professor is a worthwhile pursuit both socially and academically. Follow these tips to start a great working relationship with your new professor.
DO: Introduce yourself Start by taking the time to introduce yourself to your new professor. Tell her your name, your intended major and why you are excited about taking her class. Include an interesting fact about yourself. This helps you stand out from the rest of the class and gives the professor an idea of who you are. A simple introduction is the first step in getting to know your teacher. DO: Participate in class frequently, openly and honestly Pay attention in class, and participate. Contribute useful information, and ask specific questions. Professors see right through teacher's pets who repeat information from the textbook in hopes of receiving a pat on the head. Helpful contributions improve your class performance as well as your connection with your professor. A firm understanding of the week's information also gives you a convenient jumping-off point for discussions with your professor outside of the classroom. DON'T: Treat your professor like an object Your professor is a human being; treat her like one. She is not a machine that gives out better grades if you hit the right buttons. Acting as though she is nothing more than a tool to advance your career is disrespectful and prevents you from getting to know your professor from best online paper writing service in a meaningful way. Find common ground, and have a genuine conversation. Ask her about previous teaching jobs or the reason she became a teacher. Professors often help students with whom they have working relationships. However, special help is an unexpected side benefit. Do not treat it as a goal or guarantee.
DON'T: Get too personal Maintain your professionalism while getting to know your professor. Do not share your party stories or personal problems like getting dumped. Over-sharing creates an uncomfortable dynamic between you and your professor and puts an undue burden on her. If you solidify your relationship with your professor, feel free to share personal information. However, over-sharing is not a good way to get to know your new professor. Even if you are polite and professional, it is still possible for your professor to rebuff your attempts at conversation. Some professors simply do not wish to connect or communicate with students outside of class. Whether you befriend your professor or not, participate actively in class, and focus your efforts on your academics.